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Please Note the Following Information

Worthy Sir Knights,


Vivat Jesus!


My words would never replace the words that were heard at the NJ State K of C Convention where we heard the words straight from the State Deputy of the Ukraine.  Even the coldest of hearts melted with his descriptions of the conditions and how in settling the circumstances are.


With all of that in mind, I’m sure we have heard what is being delivered be right here in our District to assist our Brothers/Sir Knights who are in great need of certain supplies.


Please read the attachment below and let’s help a brother in need.  No Brothers will be left behind!


We all can throw a buck or two together and get the boots etc!!!


Let’s pull together and put a mark no matter the size towards making our Brother Youri proud to know that the Second District of New Jersey Fourth Degree is behind their efforts!!


Remember, you might be fighting an idea of to make a choice of having another beer or cigarette.  Our Brothers in the Ukraine 🇺🇦 are fighting for their lives and very existence!


As you have heard snd read this next line from me, “We can and must do more!”


Fraternally yours,


John W. Brandon MFD

Second District of New Jersey 

Knights of Columbus Fourth Degree 


----- Forwarded Message ----


Subject: 2531 Ukraine Project: Boots


Worthy Master John:


As you may have heard or learned at the NJ KofC Convention,  Vineland 2531’s GK Henryk

Michalkiewicz is spearheading a collection process for items to be shipped to the Ukraine.

Henry has been in direct contact with the Knights in

Southern Poland and the Ukraine State Deputy Youriy Maletskiy.  


I’ve attached 3 Flyers to this email, Our Flyer, the Boot project Flyer and the letter from Youriy.


Youriy asked Henryk to try and sent 50 pairs of boots for his Knights who are just wearing sneakers

or shoes and running items and supplies between Poland and Ukraine. He also requested, if possible,

we send a hemoplasma agent to repair any wounds they may get during transport.

The Areas they are traveling in are dangerous and rural.

Henryk wanted to go a step farther and include clothing, hence the flyer


We only had funds to “PURCHASE & AIRSHIP” 30 pairs of boots of the 50 pairs Youriy requested.

Attached is a pic we received from Poland. The shipping agent strongly suggested we send boxes to different

individual Knights in Poland and have them take to Ukraine. Thus, not all have arrived yet.


We are requesting, if possible, if you could ask the Assemblies of NJ 2nd District to support our Boot Project

with a monetary donation either via a check or Venmo. 

In the next air shipment of boots we also want to include the tablets to Disinfect drinking water!



Vineland Council #2531


Vineland, NJ 08362-0072


Thank you for all you do for our Order and The 4th Degree

God Bless and please stay safe and healthy. 😊


On Behalf of GK Henryk and our Council

Ukrainian State Deputy Letter

Knights in Unity Flyer

Freedom Fighters Flyer



Form-1728A is due the end of January 31, 2022

The Assembly Annual Audit Form 1315 is Due February 15, 2022

Be sure to send your copies to


Vice-Supreme Master:               FM email: 

2nd NJ District Master email:

Also, send the last 6 months of you Assembly Newsletter to the

Vice-Supreme Master

Please provide John Gazis FDD email: with your list of deceased brothers since September 2021.

IMPORTATNT: Please Read the Following Current Information


St. Isaac Jogues Province Newsletter April 2021

Andrew Lipenta, PSD, Vice Supreme Master

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