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St. Joseph Assembly # 679
Receiving both the Civic and
Star Awards, April 7, 2021

Knighted new Sir Knights from the Bishop McFaul Assembly #0646!

Installations August 17, 2021

Installation Assembly # 652

Installation Assembly # 1748

First Adoration Chapel Shrine at the old
Saint Mary’s Church in Middletown

Shrine dedication for the 24/7 Adoration Chapel in Middletown for the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel 


Council member and Fourth Degree candidate Police Chief R. Craig Weber, Middletown Mayor Tony Perry with Congressman Chris Smith, Fourth Degree, Reverend Father Jeff Kegley, Reverend Father Matt and others celebrated the Dedication ceremony outside the Adoration Chapel after the Mass was held in the church of Mary, Mother of God.  A luncheon was served after the Dedication.

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