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Click for Star Assembly Flyer

Requirements for the Star Assembly Award:


  1. Publish a monthly newsletter or bulletin to assembly members (copy to VSM, District Master)


  1. Submit Form 186 Report of Officers Chosen (submit to: Membership Records, State Deputy, VSM, District Master)


  1. Submit Form 1728 Annual Survey of Fraternal Activities (submit to: Dept of Fraternal Services, Supreme Master, District Master)


  1. Submit Form 1315 Annual Assembly Audit Report (submit to: Supreme Master, VSM, District Master)


  1. Meet the assembly NEW member goal 7% of July 1 membership NET of drops.


  1. Earn the Fourth Degree Civic Award (submit to VSM, District Master)  


  1. Enter the “To Be A Patriot” competition (submit as directed)


All forms are available using the following Internet Address


Please send you completed forms referred to above to the following Email Addresses:


Supreme: Department of Fraternal Mission: Form 1728 & Civic Award -


Membership records: Form 186


Supreme Master, Dennis Stoddard:


Vice Supreme Master, Andrew Lipenta:


District Master, Christopher Tomasello:

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