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John W. Brandon (Janice)

720 Main Street

Belford, New Jersey 07718-1639


Home:  1-732-787-0236


Masters Meeting
February 18th, 2023

Meeting Minutes and Notes

August Masters Newsletter

Worthy Sir Knights,


Vivat Jesus!


It’s been a very interesting and busy month here in the Second District of New Jersey.  My apologies for not getting this out sooner.


I’ve been inundated with texts, cell phone calls, landline calls and emails asking what is going on with the Exemplification of the Fourth Degree on the Battleship New Jersey?  It’s in dry dock!


Let’s get things squared away right away!


No it’s not in dry dock.  The Exemplification is still on.  While at the Supreme Convention I contacted the Battleship to discuss and confirmed that it has NO AFFECT on our Exemplification plans and even found out that the date on the television was not correctly stated.


I did reach out to ask if the Second District Fourth Degree would be able to do the final ceremony aboard her as a closing ceremony before she goes dry docking.  I am currently working on that detail as well!


So the Exemplification is still Sunday, October 22, 2023 aboard the Battleship New Jersey, 62 Battleship place, Camden, NJ.  Cost for the Candidates remains unchanged at $70.00.  Check in for candidates starts at 10:00 am to 11:10.  No candidates will be allowed after that.  Deadline for Form-4 applications is noon, October 12, 2023.  Send the applications and Assembly checks to me at:


John W. Brandon MFD

720 Main Street 

Belford, NJ 07728-1639


All Form-4 applications should be sent with an Assembly check made out to John W. Brandon MFD .  The applicant will pay you, the Assembly prior.  The Guest price for the luncheon will follow as it is still being negotiated with the ship’s caterer.  A Cash bar will be the call of the day.  The Guest lists with an assembly check will be sent to Gary Seals as in the past.  Candidates should not be sent to SK Seals since their meal is contained within the Candidate fees.


We need to back fill our Sir Knights who have gone before us.  The health of every Assembly in part is the listing of a new Fourth Degree member from your local Council.  Enlist a Third Degree brother and encourage him to sign up.  I read a line from Jack Lemmon, “Death ends a life, not a relationship”, and I believe our Brotherhood goes way beyond this earth!


The testimonial dinner for Immediate PSD James E. Stoever is slated for Sunday, September 17, 2023.  There is a call out for this wonderful event.  I ask that everyone who is available to please come either in the Color Corp or as a guest to support PSD Stoever.  The cost is $70.00 per person.  Looking to see a sea of 2nd District SKs.


The Imperia

1714 Easton Avenue 

Somerset, NJ 08873


I need you there by 11:30 muster in full uniform.  This is a State Event and both the First and Second District will be working together to make sure that this will be a memorable experience!


Thursday, November 30, 2023 we will be holding our very first Friar’s Appreciation Dinner at the Mercer Oaks Country Club.  I have asked all in the past to contact your Assembly Friar (Friars as in a few cases), so that they may schedule this event early so that we fill the house.  It only holds approximately 200, so it’s a first come first served affair.  Prices are being reworked but I promise to keep the price down.  If you attended the Former Masters Appreciation Dinner then you know how great the food is.  Cash bar, carving station, buffet and I promise very few speeches!


I’m working on a few locations for a Certification and recertification course for all Color Corpsmen.  Berets, swords, Baldrics and white gloves.  Everyone will be forming their berets as per the manual and as to form, don and proper storage when not wearing them.  It’s nothing more than what was taught back when you were certified but many do not reform their berets once worn and folded back to itself.  At the conclusion of the Supreme Convention, Supreme Master McCusker gave a rousing speech to the men in the Color Corp and the Eucharistic Guardsmen.  He stated that yes, some Sir Knights are still angry about the change in uniform.  He reminded us all that the Fourth Degree is more, so much, much more than any uniform.  That our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ was stripped of all of His clothing and hung on a cross to save each of our souls.  He did that naked, He, our Savior, does not look at what uniform we wear but the hearts of those who are serving in His name sake and the actions as a Fourth Degree Knight of Columbus.  Let’s remember that!


The Installation of Assembly Officers is ongoing and we are picking up steam.  Hoping that we get them done early this year.  If you have not scheduled your Assembly Installation, please reach out to me as soon as your Assembly has a date.  Work with two or three other Assemblies to make it easier and share the cost of food.  I am enthused by this year’s Assembly activities so far.  Some Assemblies are shooting for the gold in every aspect of Columbianism.  Keep up the good work and if there is an Assembly near you struggling, then offer a lending option to them.  Backfill their needs with help in recruiting a new Assembly member, cover for them if they do not have a Color Corp or just help them with shared Assembly events.  We are in a rising market and cannot afford to leave any Assembly, Sir Knight or Brother behind!


With that in mind, I ask that every Assembly and individual reach into your heart ♥️ and send a check to the New Jersey State Council for the Wildfire Relief Fund.  Our brothers in Hawaii are having a rough time getting through this difficult situation.  We know how it is to be ravaged from the effects of Super Storm Sandy.  Need I say more?  I think not!


I’m looking forward to introducing you to the new Vice Supreme Master, Joseph Peluso.  Maybe at the District Master’s Meeting on Saturday, September 9, 2023.  The Assembly FN, FC and CCC are expected to attend.  If you cannot, then send a replacement.  The cost is $10.00 per person.  Mass begins at 8:30 so be there by no later than 8:12 am.  If you have a uniform I ask you to wear it.  Dress code is business suit or uniform.  No sneakers, shorts etc.  we are Catholic Gentlemen!.


Location is as follows:


Nativity of Our Lord

185 Applegarth Road

Monroe, NJ 08831


After Mass will be breakfast and sign in.  A small luncheon will be served after the meeting.


I thank everyone for what you do for God, the Church, your family, the community and our beloved Order!


Fraternally yours,


jb MFD 

Second District of New Jersey 

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