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March Masters Newsletter

Worthy Sir Knights,


Vivat Jesus!


I love the Lenten season.  A time to reflect and make a change of habits while striving to learn. I listened very closely to the Gospel at Saturday’s 5:00 pm Mass.  What grabbed me was a certain line about Jesus overturning the tables in the Temple and calling those at the table a den of thieves!


I related that during Lent we overturn the tables of our lives during Lent to fend back the “DEN of THIEVES” or Satan and his minions who prowl about seeking to destroy our lives and souls.  Lent gives us a prospective opportunity to turn the table of life over. My daughter 

passed a book to me that she just completed, written by Mitch Albom, titled the stranger in the lifeboat.  all in lower case is the title. There is a line in it about death, turning your life around and looking deeper into our own souls.  On page 241, "Those moments are a gift. But their end is not a punishment.  God is never cruel,.... I know you before you were born. I know you after you die.  My plans for you are not defined by this world."  Opportunities by a loving God can only allow us to turn over the table. What A loving and generous God we have!


As many have heard, the April Exemplification on the 28th was cancelled but we are in the works to plan another in April.  Just at a different site.  No date, location or information yet but as soon as we can confirm every aspect, you will be notified.  I am in hope of holding an Exemplification on Saturday, April 20, 2024 in Landisville on the approval of the VSM.  Saturday, June 1st is set and the VSM has approved that date and has sent our District’s request into Supreme.  It will be held at Saint Agnes Church Parish Center, located on South Street in Atlantic Highlands, NJ.  The Exemplification sign in will begin at 9:01 am.  The Exemplification Charge will begin at 10:09 am and the Exemplification will begin at 10:30.  The VSM and I are trying our best to allow as many as Assemblies as possible to reach Star Award Assembly winners.  Take advantage of this opportunity!


A duel Province call out for the Battleship New Jersey which will be going into the Philadelphia shipyard for much needed hull repairs will be on Thursday, March 21st with a muster of 9:50 to 10:00 for this District, so that we can be assembled to greet all our honored guests.  VSM F. Leach has already stated that he will be there in full dress regalia.  He has extended to all of his districts to come from Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania.  We have our own VSM, Joe Peluso on the ready.  Our neighbors north of here from the four Districts in our Province, in New York and our closest neighbors from the First District of New Jersey were invited as well.  We stand Patriotically proud together to give the most decorated battleship in the United States Naval history a grand send-off!


Family and friends are certainly welcome to join us.  Those not in uniform should proudly be dressed in some sort of Knights of Columbus outerwear.  Those in Uniforms are called to be in full regalia with topcoats if you have them if not, dress appropriately!


May 17th and 18th are the dates for the New Jersey State Knights of Columbus State Convention.  We need all hands-on deck for the Opening Mass, the Wreath laying Ceremony and the Opening Ceremony for the Convention on Friday, May 17th.  Opening Mass will have a muster of 8:15 for the walk through at Saint Ann’s Church in Wildwood, N.J.  The Mass will begin promptly at 9:00 a.m.  The State Deputy is a proud Sir Knight and a PFN Fourth Degree member of the Second District


On Saturday, May 18th we will need all hands-on deck for the closing Mass at the same church, Saint Ann's Church at 4:30.  Muster is set for 3:45 pm..  I’m asking for everyone to come and be in the ready by 3:45 pm.  I encourage you to purchase tickets for the reception and cocktail party at the Wildwood Convention Center with your wife.  It is an exciting and rewarding experience!


Our Columbian year is coming to four month race to the finish.  I ask that you look over all of your paperwork for your Assembly.  Deadlines for the "To Be A Patriot", 6 Newsletters that can be sent now to the VSM and the Civic Awards can be sent now if possible.  Do not wait till the deadline to send your Assembly Forms in.  All forms should be submitted no less then ten days prior to the deadline to ensure that they have been accepted by Supreme and that the VSM has his copies of your six Assembly Newsletters.  Every Assembly should receive the Civic Award.  It’s just a matter of checking and completing your form.  We all know how busy this District’s Assemblies are.  Why not be rewarded for your efforts.  Submit all of your forms now!


Easter Sunday is almost upon us.  I hope and pray that you as a husband, father or family leader have taken care of your obligations for Lent but even more important, your family obligations of getting your family members in line for Heaven.  It’s your job!  Take it seriously!


On behalf of our Supreme Master Michael R. McCusker, Vice Supreme Master, Joseph F. Peluso and myself and our families, we wish you all a very Happy Easter!


He is Risen!  Alleluia, Alleluia!


Fraternally blessed,


jb KHS, MFD 

Second District of New Jersey 

Knights of Columbus Fourth Degree 

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