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Membership Initiatives.  There are four initiatives that I am implementing in the District in an effort to boost membership.  They are:

  1. I would like each assembly to have a membership chairman. That chairman should work closely with the Financial Secretaries of the affiliated councils to get contact information on members that have taken the third degree recently, so that there can be timely follow-up to get that person to sign a Form 4. Please let my Secretary William Horton, Jr. at  know the name, address, and telephone number of your membership chairman.

  2. Proposers should talk about the fourth degree when the prospective member signs the Form 100, and these prospects should be encouraged to take all four degrees within twelve (12) months.

  3. A designated person should speak about the fourth degree to newly knighted members after the third degrees exemplified in your diocese. We must keep the momentum going in the recruitment process. If we wait, and that member becomes disinterested in the Order and is ultimately suspended, that prospective candidate is lost forever!

  4. Assemblies should designate one member from each affiliate council to speak at that council’s meetings about assembly activities. In that way, prospective members of that council can be informed of the activities of the fourth degree and therefore, hopefully, be more interested in joining. Reciprocally, a designated representative of each council should be encouraged to speak at assembly meetings about the activities of that council.

Membership Goals.  Congratulations to the following assemblies for meeting or exceeding their membership goals for this year:

Supreme has set a goal of a 10% increase, for the 2020 – 2021 Columbian Year. Let’s do our best to help see the growth of the Fourth Degree.

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