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   James Stoever

"Read letters of Thank you

from our heroes "

The 10thAnnual 

  Send a Hero Home for the Holidays 

Great Job Brothers
Rt. Rev. Msgr. John F. Baldwin Assembly #658 Trenton
A special congratulations to Assembly  #658. They raised and donated $10,300 to the send a hero home fund.
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Sponsored by the Trenton Diocesan Federation

 of the New Jersey Knights of Columbus

Words of Appreciation

“I'd like to thank you for this program. I know it means a lot to those who wish to go home this year.”

“Thank s to your generosity I got home and got married!  What a great Christmas!!!”

“Thank you for all that you do!  This is an outstanding program!”

“Thank you for helping out the junior enlisted especially during the holidays”

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to send one of our young Airman home for the holidays.”

“Thank you for this amazing gift and for your support!  My family will be so surprised!”

“This is a GREAT thing the Knights of Columbus is doing!  It’s been two years since I’ve been home!” 

“I appreciate what the Knights of Columbus are doing for these Airmen during the holidays. Thank you.”

“First let me tell you that this is a wonderful program that you all are doing. Thank you for looking out for us!”

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Eight and a half years ago the Knights of Columbus Councils and Assemblies in the Trenton Diocese under the direction of State Deputy Jim Stoever, and managed by the Diocesan Federation of Knights, initiated a program that pays the transportation costs of active duty military personnel to return home for Christmas.  Our primary focus is the joint base of McGuire/Dix/Lakehurst given their large population of service personnel. But also included are the Navy, Coast Guard & Marines.  We work with the base Chaplains, Officer’s & NCO’s in identifying recipients.  The only restriction for applicants is their rank can be no higher than an E3 – junior enlisted personnel.  The program has been an overwhelming success as has been the outpouring of thanks and appreciation from the men and women we have sent home. Nearly $400,000 has been donated over the past eight years. This has enabled us to purchase round trip bus, train and plane tickets for 750 Airmen, Sailors, Coast Guard and Marines who would not have been able to get home for Christmas without our help.  Brothers, please consider petitioning your Councils, Assemblies, parishes, neighbors and friends to help us to continue providing truly great gifts to these Heroes and their families.  A great way to fulfill our patriotic pledge!  As Knights, we care for our retired veterans and our wounded warriors, but let’s not forget the men and women who stand for us every day!

Knights of Columbus    
New Jersey State Council
James E. Stoever, State Deputy
“Send a Hero Home for the Holidays”
Please use this form to send a donation to the program. Make checks payable to “Knights of Columbus, Trenton Federation” and include “Send a Hero Home” in the memo area.
Council/Assembly Name & Number________________________
Mailing Address ________________________________________
GK/FN Name __________________________________________
Amount of Donation ____________________________________
Return this form along with your donation to:
William Horton, FDD
P.O. Box 175
Keyport, NJ 07735
PayPal Donations can be made at:
NOTE:  Donations are welcome year round.  Sooner is better than later.  This allows us to get the best fares, and no, we get no help or breaks from the airlines!!!
The success of this program is solely dependent on your generosity. The average ticket cost us $500, so every dollar counts.  If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at or call 609-695-5081.
Thomas Ponting, FDD                       Trenton Federation 

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